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No Crap On Tap

Hey, kids - if you like to drink handcrafted local draft microbrews, and would like to do it, you know, locally then it looks like downtown Kent is undergoing a very happy revolution. Nevermind Tavern has just opened on E. Meeker. Our household had already been eagerly anticipating the June opening of a Meeker street outpost of Airways Brewing in the old Meeker Deli space, putting it within easy stumbling distance of our house. But it turns out we (and you) can get get Airways beers on tap right in the Hysterical District right now. I strolled over from my evening train and tried a pint of the Sky Hag, which is, as promised, seriously bitter. Also on tap: Roslyn Brewing Company Pale Brookside, Mac and Jack's African, Airways Blonde, Foggy Noggin's Bit O' Beaver, Two Beers Brewing's Panorama Wheat, Sound Brewery's Belgium Pale, and Snipes Mountain Brewing Porter. There is also a metric buttload of craft beer in bottles.

Parts of the interior decor are clearly works in progress, and there's a bit too much sports teevee going on in the background for my personal drinking taste, but the manager is only too happy to accommodate your wishes in terms of what's playing, and how loud. There's also wifi, a few comfy chairs for, I believe, gamers, and a general air of enthusiasm. So, like I say, if craft beer is your thing, check 'em out and tell 'em I sent you. Closing time is flexible if there aren't a lot of customers so go in and drink so I can go there with the hubs after he gets home from work at 11:00.

(Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Nevermind, but the manager said if I bring in new customers, there might be a free beer in it for me. Probably won't work if you tell them my LJ handle anyway, tho.)

Nevermind is also on Facebook, in case you do that sort of thing.


May. 5th, 2011 06:09 pm (UTC)
Has anybody tried Reds Wine Bar? (Alas that it's too late for them to change their URL, because I kept thinking Red Swine Bar, which sounds like something in a cut-rate D&D adventure.) Their menu intrigues me, especially the Lasagna Bites and the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. What restaurant anywhere serves PUDC?
May. 5th, 2011 06:22 pm (UTC)
Aww. I like it better now that I can think of it as the Red Swine. We haven't tried it yet, but maybe I'll stop by on my way home tonight. Now that it's daylight longer, I feel much more inclined to stop in and check out the local watering holes after my train. Anyway, if I do, I'll report back here.


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