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Chihuahua Mix Found!

I'm looking for her owner! She's White with brown patches and brown ears, she's small, maybe 5 -8 lbs at most? Her face is mostly brown with a mainly white muzzle and a white stripe down her head (right down the middle!) she's very cute and sweet, seems to get along okay with other dogs (although mine are making her nervous) and cats (at least she didn't try to eat bite them!)

Edit - She has really big ears, that stood up, didn't flap downward

She does fear bite (not too hard, it didn't break the skin fortunately) and once I got her calmed down she was fine for me to carry her home

I found her along the Green River Trail (at least I think that's what it's called) it's by the Old Fishing Pond and the Riverbend Golf Course along... James? There was an apartment complex - Signature Pointe right nearby, so she may have come from there (I would have checked it out but I had my two dogs with me when I found her so my first thought was mainly to just get home and figure it out)

I'm positive she's someone's pet because she seems to like people, a bit shy but she's just sitting on my lap now. She's a healthy weight and her nails are clipped (or maybe she's just run them down?) but she seems really healthy, so if you know who her owners are please let me know or let the owners know!

I've taken her to the Kent Animal Control at:
21615 64th Ave. S.
Kent, WA 98032

My phone's not working to send the image online :/

Edit: The pound said they'd keep her for at least 72 hours before putting her up for adoption!
~ She is not microchipped and was not wearing a collar or anything when I found her ~



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