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Chihuahua Mix Found!

I'm looking for her owner! She's White with brown patches and brown ears, she's small, maybe 5 -8 lbs at most? Her face is mostly brown with a mainly white muzzle and a white stripe down her head (right down the middle!) she's very cute and sweet, seems to get along okay with other dogs (although mine are making her nervous) and cats (at least she didn't try to eat bite them!)

Edit - She has really big ears, that stood up, didn't flap downward

She does fear bite (not too hard, it didn't break the skin fortunately) and once I got her calmed down she was fine for me to carry her home

I found her along the Green River Trail (at least I think that's what it's called) it's by the Old Fishing Pond and the Riverbend Golf Course along... James? There was an apartment complex - Signature Pointe right nearby, so she may have come from there (I would have checked it out but I had my two dogs with me when I found her so my first thought was mainly to just get home and figure it out)

I'm positive she's someone's pet because she seems to like people, a bit shy but she's just sitting on my lap now. She's a healthy weight and her nails are clipped (or maybe she's just run them down?) but she seems really healthy, so if you know who her owners are please let me know or let the owners know!

I've taken her to the Kent Animal Control at:
21615 64th Ave. S.
Kent, WA 98032

My phone's not working to send the image online :/

Edit: The pound said they'd keep her for at least 72 hours before putting her up for adoption!
~ She is not microchipped and was not wearing a collar or anything when I found her ~

Cornucopia Days

I must have been asleep at the wheel because I forgot all about this: Kent Cornucopia Days is (are) this weekend!

July 8 - 10 Street Fair (Kent Lions / Wayne Hobbs & Irv Hamilton Street Fair)
July 8 - 10 Lions Health Fair, Safety Fair, Educational Displays, Art Show, Entertainment
July 9 Kent Cornucopia Dragon Boat Races
July 9 Kent Cornucopia 5K Fun Run / Walk
July 9 Cornucopia Inline Skate & Skateboard Tournament
July 9 Jaguar Football "Cornucopia Bowl VI" - CNX for 2011
July 10 Kent Cornucopia Grand Parade
July 10 Children's Bike Ride

Petscapades at Kent Station this weekend

Hello, Kentlings! Dog lovers might be interested in Petscapades this weekend at Kent Station. The PR for the event is inexplicably sparse and scattered, but there will be a Dock Dogs competition, pet adoption and licensing, vendors, etc. Pets are of course welcome. Still not sure if we'll be there with Hurricane Gabriel and Tropical Storm Oliver, but if you see a tall brunette with a squirmy weasel, come say hi.

On a vaguely related note, we went to the huge Petpalooza festival in Auburn last month, and I absolutely recommend it for all companion animal lovers.

Quick review: Reds Wine Bar (aka Red Swine)


A few weeks ago, following our recent discussion of new watering holes, Weaseldad and I decided to give Reds Wine Bar a whirl. We enjoyed it and would go back again, although my husband prefers Shindig's cocktails over wine or beer.

Red Swine (due to their unfortunate URL) was a bit challenging to find, as it's at the very southernmost end of Kent Station, tucked around the corner. It's not a big place, but it has a charming front parlour with a fireplace and faboo furniture that I wanted to throw in the back of the truck when nobody was looking. The eating area is loud; I would definitely recommend they add some soft surfaces to absorb some of the noise rebounding around the place. There are a variety of tables to seat 2, 4, or more, and there's a central bar counter as well. We didn't have to wait to be seated, but the place was steadily busy.

Eat, drink and be merry...Collapse )

To summarize: Good food (what we've tasted so far), pleasant (if a bit loud) atmosphere, pleasant and professional staff, and TO DIE FOR Pineapple Upside Down Cake. We will definitely go back, because we love supporting the local businesses trying so hard to make Life In Kent that much better. If any of you go, let's hear about it!
So, anybody here hear about the fatal shooting in the Kent Station area yesterday morning? I hadn't until my commute this morning, when I happened to sit in front of a couple of UW students who were also coming up from Kent. I guess KOMO picked it up but I don't do television news, typically, so this was the first I had heard of it.

The most informative piece I could find on it is, ironically, from the Bellingham Herald, but I see after some less specific Googling that there is also some coverage here and here.

No Crap On Tap

Hey, kids - if you like to drink handcrafted local draft microbrews, and would like to do it, you know, locally then it looks like downtown Kent is undergoing a very happy revolution. Nevermind Tavern has just opened on E. Meeker. Our household had already been eagerly anticipating the June opening of a Meeker street outpost of Airways Brewing in the old Meeker Deli space, putting it within easy stumbling distance of our house. But it turns out we (and you) can get get Airways beers on tap right in the Hysterical District right now. I strolled over from my evening train and tried a pint of the Sky Hag, which is, as promised, seriously bitter. Also on tap: Roslyn Brewing Company Pale Brookside, Mac and Jack's African, Airways Blonde, Foggy Noggin's Bit O' Beaver, Two Beers Brewing's Panorama Wheat, Sound Brewery's Belgium Pale, and Snipes Mountain Brewing Porter. There is also a metric buttload of craft beer in bottles.

Parts of the interior decor are clearly works in progress, and there's a bit too much sports teevee going on in the background for my personal drinking taste, but the manager is only too happy to accommodate your wishes in terms of what's playing, and how loud. There's also wifi, a few comfy chairs for, I believe, gamers, and a general air of enthusiasm. So, like I say, if craft beer is your thing, check 'em out and tell 'em I sent you. Closing time is flexible if there aren't a lot of customers so go in and drink so I can go there with the hubs after he gets home from work at 11:00.

(Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Nevermind, but the manager said if I bring in new customers, there might be a free beer in it for me. Probably won't work if you tell them my LJ handle anyway, tho.)

Nevermind is also on Facebook, in case you do that sort of thing.

Anybody go to Winterfest?

We did indeed take Hurricane Gabriel and Miss Kaylee on the Pet Parade, but since it was so damn cold, they spent most of the time bundled in our jackets. The parade was crazy. The leader was busting out at about 35 mph, and Shawn dubbed the whole thing the Bataan Pet March. I have no idea what the big hurry was, but we were all scattered over a quarter mile.

We did go to the Craft Bazaar, where we met our lovely and gracious moderator and her companion. We both agreed that it was indeed our grandma's craft bazaar despite advertising to the contrary, and eff me if I didn't see actual crocheted snowmen. Somebody has some 'splainin to do.

If you went, what was your impression? I'm thinking of taking a little flask next year. You know, just to help stay warm.

Craft Bazaar & Winterfest!

Hey everyone!

This weekend is the 27th Kent Winter Craft Bazaar & Winterfest! The craft bazaar features 100 vendors with local artists--gourmet foods, décor, handbags, jewelry, toys, soaps/lotions, glassware, wood, fiber and fabric items, candles, and more! The bazaar is in the Kent Commons (across the street from the ShoWare center) on Fri. Dec. 3rd, 10:00am to 7:00pm and Sat. Dec. 4th, 9:00am to 5:00pm $1 admission, 12 and under free.

Winterfest is on Saturday the 4th from 2pm-8pm. Beginning at 4 pm, the library will host a holiday reading. At 4:30, Kent Lions' will present their Santa parade followed by the tree lighting in Town Square Plaza (5:30pm). How it takes an hour to parade down one street, I'm not entirely sure! Free hot apple cider, hot chocolate and popcorn and other goodies will be provided.

Also, on December 18th, Shindig martini bar is having a holiday party, starting at 7pm. This party will feature the vocal talents of Cheryl Serio (who was also present at their 2 year anniversary party, and may I add, sings beautifully!).

Don your festive wear and head out!

P.S. I'm sorry about the spambot who hit the community with an enormous russian bride ad recently. In order to prevent the problem from occuring again, I've switched to moderated posting, so posts you make may not show up immediately...not that this community has been incredibly active of late!

Cornucopia Days

Just a heads-up that this weekend is Cornucopia Days in Kent. Here's a list of activities & times. Have fun out in the sun!

S 228th St bridge now open

Just a report from the field: The bridge over the railway tracks on S 228th St is now open.

It looks like this will mostly be used by commercial trucks, but 228th/231st (all one piece of pavement, but with a name change on the west end) now makes a pretty decent east/west arterial across town, from Military to Central. Mind you, on the east side of the bridge it then makes a 4-block jog to the north to avoid the 167 freeway, and thus hits Central/84th at 224th... but the bridge over the train could well speed things up if you're trying to go east/west.